Rappeler nos luttes, défendre nos acquis: Les prestations de maternité et les prestations parentales

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Popular Legal Education and Consultation Series: Module 3

This workshop provides an overview of the federal maternity and parental benefits regime and identifies its weaknesses.

Table of Contents

1. Workshop Goals, Expectations, and Limitations

2. Why are Maternity and Parental Benefits a Women’s Equality Issue?
2.1 The costs that women bear because they have children
2.2 Maternity and Parental Benefits: An issue for feminists

3. Canada’s Current Maternity Benefits Regime
3.1 Maternity Leave is not the same as Maternity Benefits
3.2 Eligibility for Maternity Benefits
3.3 Eligibility for Parental Benefits
3.4 Problems with the current regime

Brainstorm: Who is excluded from the current regime?

4. Remembering Our Struggles, Defending our Victories: Historical Context to Maternity Benefits

5. The Canadian Government has a Responsibility to Improve the Current Model
5.1 Equality Law and Maternity Benefits: Key Concerns
5.2 Equality Law in Canada: A Review
5.3 International Human Rights Protection for Maternity Benefits

6. Guiding Principles: Maternity and Parental Benefits as a Component to Women’s Equality

7. Brainstorm: Examining other Models and Strategizing for Change
7.1 The Québec Model and Issues of Jurisdiction
7.2 Different Approaches Internationally to Maternity Benefits

8. Improving the Employment Insurance Act
8.1 The Canadian Labour Congress
8.2 Women’s Network of PEI

9. Brainstorm and Wrap-Up

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Other Sources – Legislation


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