Jurisfemme was a bilingual newsletter that the National Association of Women and the Law published quarterly until 2007. The production was historically done through the national office and the themes varied from year to year. Articles published for Jurisfemme were presented to generate discussion and do not necessarily correspond exactly with NAWL policy.


Volume 23, No. 3, Spring 2005

Volume 23, No. 2, Fall 2004

Volume 23, No. 1, Winter 2004

Volume 22, No. 3, Fall 2003

Volume 22, No. 2, Summer 2003

Volume 22, No. 1, Winter 2003

Volume 21, No. 3, Fall 2002

Volume 21, No. 2, Summer 2002

Volume 21, No. 1, Winter 2002

Volume 20, No. 4, Spring/Summer 2001

Volume 20, No. 1, Winter 2001

Volume 19, No. 3, Summer 2000

  • NAWL’s 13th Biennial Conference – Equality: The Challenge of the New Millennium: Transforming Legal Victories into Practical Gains for Women: Keynote Address – Bonnie Diamond
  • Conference Overview
  • The Road to Restorative Justice: Getting From Here to There – Kim Pate and Viola Thomas
  • New Divorce Act: Creature of the Fathers Rights Movement – Susan Boyd and Nancy Drewitt
  • The Sex Trade: Experience and Solutions – Nicole MacKay and Samantha Smyth
  • Equality Issues for Women with Disabilities – Doreen Demas, Kathy Marshall and Corinne Younie
  • Mediation’s Impact on Women’s Equality – Patricia Blocksom, Judge Nancy Flatters and Ruth Lee Taylor
  • Challenging Privilege and Recognizing Assumptions – Monika Chappell and Pauline Rankin
  • Sexual Abuse: Victim Access & Disclosure – Nicole Tellier and Jennifer Koshan
  • Is There Justice for Girls? – Cathy Lane, Bina Border, Kim Pate and Lisa Neve
  • How Legal Aid Funding Cuts are Hurting Women – Suzanne Parkinson and Céline Pelletier
  • Economics and Equality: As One Goes Up, Does The Other? – Shelagh Day
  • The Impact of the Tac System on Women’s Equality – Kim Brooks and Claire Young
  • Blazing Trails in the NWT: Women Exploring Leadership Possibilities – Rosemary Cairns and Sandy Lee
  • Rural and Farm Women – Laura-Marie Doenz, Carolyn McDonald, Pam Heavy Head and Shauna McCarthy
  • First Nations: Images of the Past – Connie Deiter and Muriel Stanley Venne
  • The Increased Criminalization of Women – Sharon McIvor, Kim Pate and Lisa Neve
  • The Gendered Dimension of Immigration: Past and Present – Chantal Tie, Andrée Côté and Sharryn Aiken
  • The State of Canadian Family Law: What’s a Lesbian to do? – Martha McCarthy and Sandra Sebree
  • NAWL National Steering Committee (NSC) 2000-2002
  • Hats Off to Equality Supports NAWL – Bonnie Diamond

Volume 19, No. 2, Winter 2000

Volume 19, No. 1, Fall 1999

  • Silver and Still Surging: 25 Years of NAWL – Carolyn Rowe
  • Women’s Work is Never Done! – Bonnie Diamond
  • Volunteer Traditions: From Kay Marshall to Naomi Szigeti – Ariella Hostetter
  • Equality Counts: The Supreme Court Speaks – Bonnie Diamond and Andrée Côté
  • Canadian Human Rights Act Review: Women’s Equality Rights in the New Millenium – Rachel Cox
  • Custody and Access – Bonnie Diamond and Sherrie Tingley
  • About The Canadian Feminist Alliance for International Action (FAFIA)
  • Stone, Provocation and the “Nagging Wife” – Andrée Côté
  • The Impact of Taxing Families – Kim Brooks
  • Women’s Future Fund Launched – Darlene Jamieson

Volume 18, No. 3, Spring 1999

  • NAWL Celebrates 25 Years of Equality Advocacy – Darlene Jamieson
  • The 1999 Budget: Not a Lot to Celebrate – Kim Brooks
  • Optional Protocol to the Women’s Convention Adopted – Margot Young
  • Gender Analysis of Canada’s Immigration Legislation – Jennifer Curran
  • In Pursuit of Justice – Kelly Scaglione and Leanne Wight
  • NAWL Calls for Judicial Council Inquiry into Judge McClung’s Conduct
  • NAWL’s Comings and Goings

Volume 18, No. 2, Winter 1998/1999

  • Custody and Access Committee Fails Children of Canada
  • $1,277.00 to Launch NAWL’s Website!
  • Canada’s “Social Deficit” – Lisa Philipps and Margot Young
  • Winners of NAWL’s Trust 12th Essay Competition
  • Tips for Advocates Involved in Mediation and A.D.R. Processes – Elizabeth K.P. Grace
  • U.N. Committee Reviews Canada – Margot Young

Volume 18, No. 1, Fall 1998

  • “No Life Like It”: Access to Justice and the Canadian Armed Forces – Terry D. Hancock
  • NAWL Challenges Legal Aid Policy in Court – Lisa Addario
  • Midas Touch or Fool’s Gold? Comments on an Inquiry into Recovered Memory Convictions – Connie M. Kristiansen and Katharine D. Kelly
  • Circle Sentencing – Michelle McLean
  • NAWL Calls for Fair Placement of Women Classified as Maximum Security – Bonnie Diamond
  • Jane Doe: A Victory For Women … But The Struggle Still Continues – Norlanda Joseph

Volume 17, No. 3, Summer 1998

  • Special Joint Committee on Child Custody and Access – Lori Jacobson
  • NAWL Appears Before Senate Hearing on Child Support Guidelines – Jane Anweiler
  • NAWL Forms Ad Hoc Working Group on Immigration

Volume 17, No. 2, Winter 1997/1998

  • NAWL’s 12th Biennial Conference – The Changing Face of Equality: Keynote Address – Justice Claire L’Heureux-Dubé
  • Conference Overview
  • Civil Legal Aid – Lisa Addario and Cari Patterson
  • Day for Women of Colour & Aboriginal Women – Diane Row, Charla Williams and Catherine Meade
  • Panel Discussion – Valerie Miller, April Burey, Evangeline Cain-Grant and Gloria Christmas
  • Winners of NAWL’s Trust 11th Essay Competition
  • Human Rights Update: Redress for Discrimination – Viki Samuels-Stewart, Norma Won and Janet Stevenson
  • Aboriginal Women – Viola Robinson and Janet Stevenson
  • Web, Internet and Justice Issues – Teresa Scassa, Carolyn Smith, Scarlett Pollock and Marie Paturel
  • Criminalization of Pregnant Women – Karen Busby, Diana Ginn and Elaine Wright
  • Violence Against Women – Donna Franey and Susan MacKay
  • Canada Health & Social Transfer – Jeanne Fay, Verma Thomas, Carolann Wright and Louise Shaughnessy
  • Lesbians and Legal Issues – Lara Morris, Marie Paturel and Maureen Shebib
  • Women of Colour and Aboriginal Women – Heidi Marshall, April Burey and Shawna Hoyle
  • Women Deans of Law: Furthering the Aims of Feminism – Anne Warner La Forest, Sandra Rodgers, Dr. Juanita Westmoreland-Traoré, Dr. Peggy Hansell and Janet Stevenson
  • The Expanding and Evolving Field of Sexual Assault Law: New Rights, Remedies and Obstacles for Survivors – Nicole Tellier Freya Kristjanson, Diane Oleskiw, Susan Vella and Elizabeth K.P. Grace
  • Child Support Guidelines – Flora Bucham, Mary Jane Mossman, Murielle Brazeau and Brenda Pate
  • Women Faculty: Promoting Feminist Analysis of the Law – Carol Aylward, Sheila MacIntyre, Adelle Blackett and Julie Vandervoort
  • Women in Prison – Kim Pate, Rhonda Crawford, Diane Shea and Shawna Hoyte
  • Production of Records: Who’s on Trial? – Anne Derrick and Lee Lakeman
  • Moving from Coping to Creating – DOnna Neff, Julie Vandervoort and Catherine Meade
  • Young Women in Conflict with the Law – Yvonne Hanson, Yvonne Mansour, Mona Lynch, Patricia Doyle-Bedwell and Marie Paturell
  • Claiming the Right to use French in the Courtrooms of Mostly Anglophone Provinces – Annette Boucher, Michelle Caron, Elizabeth Grace and Betty Dugas

Volume 17, No. 1, Fall 1997

  • Housing-Related Discrimination – Charlene Wiseman
  • NAWL’s 12th Biennial Conference is Rapidly Approaching – Darlene Jamieson
  • Family Mediation: Privatizing Women’s Legal Rights? – Lisa Philipps
  • VAWL Court Harassment Project Update – Margaret Denike
  • FACWL Fundraiser a Success
  • Notice of Annual Meeting

Volume 16, No. 3, Spring 1997

  • Carosella Provides Impetus for Movement on Disclosure Bill – Diane Oleskiw and Nicole Tellier
  • Announcement for NAWL’s 12th Biennial Conference – Access to Justice for Women: The Changing Face of Inequality
  • M.(A.) v. Ryan Offers New Guidelines on Records Disclosure in Civil Assault Cases – Susan M. Vella
  • Legislative Update on Child Support Guidelines
  • Czech-Canadian Seminar on the Legal Status of Women
  • Winners of NAWL’s Trust 10th Essay Competition

Volume 16, No 2, Winter 1997

  • NAWL Responds to NRGT Legislation
  • News from the NSC – Darlene Jamieson
  • Caucus News and Views (University of Toronto Women and the Law, University of Western Ontario Caucus of Women & the Law)
  • Legislative Update – Diane Oleskiw and Nicole Tellier
  • NAWL Funded to Research Civil Legal Aid
  • Feminist Research Project on Women and Mediation
  • NAWL Presentation to CBA Task Force on Racism in the Legal Profession

Volume 16, No. 1, Summer 1996

  • Disclosure of Records – Louise Shaughnessy
  • News from the NSC – Darlene Jamieson
  • Racism in the Legal Profession
  • Child Support: Guidelines, Payments and Taxation
  • Reproductive and Genetic Technologies

Volume 15, No. 3, Winter/Spring 1996

  • “Employment Insurance” Program Will Hit Women the Hardest – Lisa Addario
  • News from the National Steering Committee: “Tough Times for Women’s Groups” – Darlene Jamieson
  • Beijing: Did We Advance the Human Rights of Women? – Shelagh Day
  • Legal Aid Update

Volume 15, No. 2, Fall 1995

  • Cuts to Legal Aid: Women Stand to lose the Most – Lisa Addario
  • News from the National Steering Committee
  • Conference Highlights – Redefining Family Law: The Challenge of Diversity
  • Bill C-72: The Government Response to the Drunkenness Defence
  • Gun Control
  • Consultation with Allan Rock on Violence Against Women
  • TACWL Supports Privacy Rights Concerning Records in Sexual Assault Cases – Danielle Szandtner and Susan Vella

Volume 15, No. 1, Spring 1995

  • A Message from the Executive Director – Cheryl Boon
  • The “No Excuse for Abuse” Law – Louise Shaughnessy
  • Notice of Annual Meeting
  • Redefining Family Law: The Challenge of Diversity – Angela Drake
  • Gender Equality in the Judiciary
  • NAWL Met with Justice Minister in the Spring
  • Sources and Resources

Volume 14, No. 3, Winter 1994

  • Meeting with the Justice Minister – Louise Shaughnessy
  • News from the National Steering Committee
  • NRT Update
  • Daviault: The Intoxication Defence
  • Social Security Reform
  • Thibaudeau Update
  • Update on Legal Rights for Fam Women Project
  • Winners of NAWL’s Trust 8th Essay Competition

Volume 14, No. 2, Fall 1994

  • The Tax Treatment of Child Support Payments – Lisa Addario
  • News from the National Steering Committee – Nicole Girard
  • Report on the Membership Survey
  • Announcement for NAWL’s 11th Biennial Conference
  • The Federal Social Security Reform
  • Violence Against Women
  • Legal Rights for Farm Women

Volume 14, No. 1, Spring 1994

  • Judicial Appointments: Diversity and Education – Lisa Addario
  • News from the National Steering Committee – Roz Currie
  • Preparing for Beijing
  • What is in the Best Interests of the Child?
  • Winners of NAWL’s Trust 7th Essay Competition

Volume 13, No. 3, Winter 1993/1994

  • Racism in the Criminal Justice System – Lisa Addario
  • News from the National Steering Committee – Roz Currie
  • For the Record: What the Liberals Have Promised
  • Changes to Young Offenders Act Discussed
  • Monreal Symposium on False Memory Syndrome
  • Report from the Regions
  • CRIAW Paper No. 31 – Feminist Engagement with the Law: The Legal Recognition of the Battered Woman Syndrome – Reviewed by Sandra F. Sellens

Volume 13, No. 2, Fall 1993

  • NAWL Presents Brief to Federal Government on Bill C-126 – Maeve Baird
  • News from the National Steering Committee – Roz Currie
  • World of Difference – Shelagh Day and Louise Shaughnessy
  • Issues Update
  • Winners of NAWL’s Trust 6th Essay Competition

Volume 13, No. 1, Spring/Summer 1993

  • NAWL’s 10th Biennial Conference: Healing the Past, Forming the Future – Bertha Wilson
  • Conference Overview – Sandra Sellens
  • A Word on the Conference
  • Healing the Feminist Movement (Tanis Doe, Mary Eaton, Chandra Budhu and Lynette Mensah) – Susan Adams
  • Women in the Legal Profession (Joan Brockman, Heather Raven, Cornelia Soberano and Catherine Bruce) – Jacinta Lawton
  • Women and Free Trade (Leslie Muir, Jean Swanson, Miriam Palacios, Marjorie Cohen and Judy Rebick) – Emi Péch
  • Lobbying for Women’s Health Care (Raine McKay, Madeline Boscoe, Anne Johns and Marie Christine Kirouack) – Katherine Miller
  • Criminal Justice from Aboriginal Perspectives (Elsie Zion, Lee Maracle and Christine Deom) – Michelle Frey
  • Pay Equity (Anita Braha, Mary Rowies, Senka Dukovich and Mary-Woo Sims) – Yuki Matsumo
  • Women of Colour Strategies: Part 1 (Punam Khosia, Carolyn Jerome, Zara Suleman and Eun-Sook Lee) – Bindi Sandhu
  • Women of Colour Strategies: Part 2 (Lynne Wanyeki, Carolyn Jerome, Zara Suleman and Eun-Sook Lee) – Phyllis P. Chow
  • Battered Women: Custody and Access (Susan Burak, Ajax Quinby, Nancy Drewitt, Ruth Lee Taylor and Lorraine Stick) – Kirsten Coe
  • Appointment of Judges: Creating Diversity (Lynn Smith, Deborah Hanly and Mary Eaton) – Phyllis P. Chow
  • Sexual Assault Laws and Feminist Law Reform Models (Sheila McIntyre and Shirley Massuda) – Stephanie Hudson
  • The Corporate Agenda and Women’s Poverty (Pam Fleming, Pat Chauncey, Diane LeClaire and Cecilia Diocson) – Susan Milliken
  • Aboriginal Justice Systems and Community Healing (Lynn Fraser, Christine Deom, Georgina Sydney, Sandra Greene and Florence Hackett) – Laurie McDowell
  • Our Bodies, Whose Laws? (Raine McKay, Bonnie Agnew, Helen Turbett, Kim Zander and Anne Daskal) – Emi Péch
  • Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (Joan Brockman, Anita Braha, Della Garcia and Christina Davidson) – Laurie McDowell
  • Achieving Self-Government (Lynn Fraser, Teressa Nahanee, Rhonda Johnston and Nancy Sandy) – Michelle Fray
  • Lesbian Anti-Homophobia Strategies: Creating Diversity (Claire Young, Shirley Masuda, Didi Herman and Davina Cooper) – Monica Chappell
  • All The News That’s Fit To Print? (Noelle-Dominique Willems, Ginette Busque, Valerie Casselton and Nancy Pollak) – Shelley Browne
  • Women’s Rights Are Human Rights? (Mary-Woo Sims, Kerry Buck, Jill Pollack, Marie Louise Côté and Chris Kurata) – Bindi Sandhu
  • Government Commissions and Inquiries (Noelle-Dominique WIllems, Shauna Butterwick, Louise Vandelac, Deborah Hanly and Rita Kholl) – Elena Miller
  • Anti-Semitism and Feminism (Marlee Kilne, Lynne Pearlman, Davina Cooper and Anna Pellat) – Kirsten Coe
  • Surviving the System: Battered Women (Joan Meister, Tracy Barker and Diane Sylvain) – Stephanie Hudson
  • Prisons (Michelle Clarke, Gayle Horil, Sharon McIvor, Bev Folkes and Kim Pate) – Gunilla Mungan
  • The Constitutional Negotiating Process (Noelle-Dominique Willems, Judy Rebick, Marge Freidel, Teressa Nahnee, Maureen Maloney, Claire Bonenfant and Sharon McIvor) – Stephanie Hudson
  • Women’s Right to Speak: Section 2 As Both Sword and Shield (Anne Derrick, Kathleen Mahoney and Janine Fuller) – Katherine Miller
  • Surviving the System: Sexual Assault (Michelle Stanford, Theresa Stowe, Victoria Gray, Dr. Ellen Wiebe and Susan Vella) – Sharon Lindgren
  • Domestic Workers: Good Enough to Work, Good Enough to Stay (Sheila Jayatissa, Louis Shelton, Audrey Macklin) – Emi Péch
  • Reproductive Technologies (Madeleine Boscoe, Sari Tudiver, Louise Vandelac, Lynette Mensah and Harriet Simard) – Shelley Browne

Volume 12, No. 4, Winter 1992

  • False Memory Syndrome: The Latest Defence to Childhood Sexual Abuse Claims – Susan Vella
  • News from the National Steering Committee – Susan Vella
  • Rape Trauma Ruled as Disability – Ann Vrlak
  • KM v HM
  • Issue Update: Re: Mossop – Louise Shaughnessy
  • The Canadian Bar Association Task Force on Gender Equality
  • 1993 NAWL Conference Update: “Healing the Past, Forming the Future”
  • Opportunity: NAWL’s National Steering Committee Needs You!
  • Caucus News and Views (Nova Scotia Association of Women and the Law – Janice Beaton; Women’s Law Form/NAWL, University of Alberta Caucus – Barb Strange)

Volume 12, No. 3, Fall 1992

  • Managing Stress in Law School – Josephine Savarese
  • Announcement – NAWL’s 10th Biennial Conference: “Healing the Past, Forming the Future”
  • News from the National Steering Committee: “Effecting Equality Through Direct Action” – Susan Vella
  • Lobbying Update (NAWL Projects, Bill C-49, Court Challenges, Bill C-80, The Constitution)
  • Mature Female Students as Inspiration – Michele Landsberg
  • Francophones: Raise Your Voices! – Nicole Girard
  • Caucus News and Views (Victoria Caucus of Women and the Law – Kim Hart Wensley; Northwestern BC Caucus of Women and the Law – Devora Solem; Vancouver Association of Women and the Law – Rosemary Schipizky)
  • Notice to Members (Membership List, Voting Eligibility, Caucuses, NAWL Charitable Trust of Research and Education)
  • Gender and the Law: An Introductory Handbook for Law Students

Volume 12, No. 2, March 1992

  • Bill C-49: The New Rape Law – Roz Currie
  • From the National Steering Committee: “A Sign of the Times” – Susan Vella
  • Abused Women Speak Out
  • Lobbying Update (Court Challenges, Daycare, The Constitution, Bill C-49, Canadian Human Rights Act)
  • Position Available: Trustee for NAWL Charitable Trust for Research and Education
  • Consenting to Discrimination – Kathryn E. Thomson
  • Refugee Women at Risk – Mona Klinger
  • Winners of NAWL’s Trust 5th Essay Competition
  • Women and Aging – Reviewed by Wendy Atkin

Volume 12, No. 1, December 1991

  • Supreme Court Strikes Down “Rape-Shield” Law: NAWL Urges Law to Protect Women in Sexual Assault Trials – Roz Currie
  • From the National Steering Committee: “Equal Partnerships?” – Susan Vella
  • Canadian Women’s Movement Archives Guide
  • Issue Update: Child Support Guidelines Subject to Gender Bias
  • New NSC Member
  • Gender Equality Symposium Recommends 70 Changes to Justice System – Roz Currie
  • Caucus News and Views (Vancouver Association of Women and the Law – Sandra Sellens; University of British Columbia Caucus of Women and the Law – Morgan Rea; Calgary Association of Women and the Law – Barbara Janzen; Saskatchewan Association of Women and the Law – Linda Charlton; University of Western Ontario – Karen Sandercock)
  • Family Law Working Group Tackles Child Support Policy – Sandra Sellens
  • New Publication Introduces Gender Issues to Law Students
  • New Membership Fees

Volume 11, No. 4, July 1991

  • An Introduction to the National Steering Committee – Joan Brockman
  • Thank You to NAWL’s Former National Steering Committee
  • NAWL’s Conference Highlights the Feminization of Poverty and Accessibility – Susan Vella
  • Keynote Address: “Women and Poverty: A Time to Develop an Analysis and to Work Together” – Rosemary Brown
  • Confronting Privilege (Barbara Findlay, Kahn-tineta Horn, Yvonne Peters and Louise Dulude) – Josephine Savarese
  • Differences and Disparities: Aboriginal Women Speaking on Doorways Out (Patricia Montour, Maggie Hodgeson, Vera Kirkness and Beth Perrott) – Jennifer Harry
  • Being Old, Being Young, Being Poor (Mary Hill, Maureen Callaghan, Dawn McCarthy and Edna Manitowabi) – Patricia Millar
  • Access to Health Care (Jeanne Fay, Pat Israel, Maureen Shebib and Homa Asayeh) – Kate Hughes
  • Racism of Poverty (Gail Mirsa, Mary Pitawanakwat and Marlee Kilne) – Kristen Douglas
  • Women + Violence = Poverty, Poverty + Violence = Women, Women = Violence and Poverty (Annie Marie Delorey, Bonnie Proven, Victoria Swindell and Lorenne Clark) – Sandra Sellens
  • Battered By Bureaucracy (Helen Trentos, Barbara Blouin, Christine Deom and Liz Stimpson) – Kathryn Thomson
  • Reforming Social Assistance Reform (Adelle Blackett, Jean Swanson, Linda Pipke, Felicite Stairs, Jocelyn Martineau and Nancy Vanderplants) – Patricia Millar
  • Empowerment/Silencing (Lorraine Gauthier and Vuyiswa Keyi) – Karen Hamilton
  • Law Reform Strategies (Dawn Black and Helena Orton) – Jennifer Harry
  • “Justice System” (Valerie Hudson, Joanne St. Lewis and Jennie Abell) – Josephine Savarese
  • Media (Geraldine Finn, Paula Todd and Hilarie McMurray)
  • Organizing Through Theatre – Alyson Martin
  • International Perspectives (Annie Bunting, Pura Velasco, Brenda Cossman and Elizabeth Sheehy) – Joan Brockman
  • Regional Disparities (Betty Harnum, Noreen Johns, Kathy Foristall and Liz Stimpson) – Marie Dyach
  • The Economics of Poverty (Crystal Buchan, Ruth Rose, Nettie Weibe and Rusty Neil) – Crystal Buchan
  • Taxation of Women (Susan Vella, Maureen Maloney and Ellen Zweibel) – Holly Penner
  • Poverty and Prostitution (Mary Loi Dejesus, Marie Arington, Laurie Bell, Sheilagh O’Connell and Felicity Hawthrone) – Karen Hamilton
  • Substance Abuse (Regena Russell, Vera Martin and Diane Martin) – Jospehine Savarese
  • Limits of the System: Women in Family Law (Judge Lynn King, Doris Dymny-Power and Carole Curtis) – Kristen Douglas
  • Housing for Women: Roofs Not Rhetoric (Betty Ann Cox, Toni Williams, Elizabeth Bateman, Judy Oswin and Grace Permaul) – Patricia Millar
  • Women’s WOrk is Never … Done, Paid, Valued or … Finished (Carrie Gallant, Martha Montour, Judy Fudge, Barbara Neis and Laurell Ritchie) – Patricia Millar
  • Reproductive Rights (Katherine Arnup, Shelley Gavigan and Anne Derrick) – Kristen Douglas
  • Lesbian Impoverishment (Michelle DOuglas, Carol Allen, Anita Braha and Lynne Pearlman) – Sandra Benson
  • Women and the State (Jill Wry, Helene Tessier, Mary Eaton and Lorna Erwin) – Joan Brockman
  • Family and Forced Poverty (Ann Sherman, Karen Thompson, Brenda Thompson and Darcy Beggs)
  • Refugee Women (Eva Allmen, Zainab Ali, Anjana Krishna Moorthy and Sindiswa Jwazeia) – Sandra Sellens

Volume 11, No. 3, March 1991

  • NAWL Participates in the Hearings of the Royal Commission on New Reproductive Technologies – Louise Shaughnessy
  • The Status of the Foetus: A Note on Sullivan and Lemay – Christine Boyle
  • Mother’s Rights Do Come First – Judy Williams
  • Remembering December 6 and Those Who Created It – Martin Dufresne
  • As Wise as Serpents: Five Women and an Organization that Changed British Columbia – Reviewed by Kathryn E. Thomson
  • Running from the Law: Why Good Lawyers are Getting out of the Legal Profession – Reviewed by Sara E. Pope
  • Financial Woes After Divorce May Become Financial Crows – Judy Williams
  • U.N. Summit on Children’s Rights – Shereen Farag
  • Winners of NAWL’s Trust 4th Essay Competition

Volume 11, No. 2, November 1990

  • The Feminization of Poverty: A NAWL Dialogue – Annie Bunting
  • Biography for Rosemary Brown, Keynote Speaker at NAWL’s 9th Biennial Conference
  • Re-Thinking Law and the Feminization of Poverty – Mary Jane Mossman
  • Disabled Women and the Law: A Summary – Liz Stimpson
  • Thinking of Becoming a Member of NAWL’s National Steering Committee? – Brigitte Morneault
  • NAWL’s 9th Biennial Conference – Policy Forming Convention
  • Caucus Participation at NAWL’s 9th Biennial Conference – Brigitte Morneault

Volume 11, No. 1, July 1990

  • Where We’ve Come From and Where We’re Going – Anita Braha
  • Comings and Goings: Goodbye Suzanne, Welcome France
  • The Annette Proulx Case – Andrée Côté
  • Feminist Refugees: The Osgoode Hall Law School Experience – Susan Vella
  • Dancing in the Minefields? An Account of the Development of the “Consultative Document on the Interview Process” at the University of Victoria Law School – Crystal Buchan
  • Legal Academics Assail Ottawa on Proposed Abortion Legislation – Susan Adams
  • United Nations Begins to Tackle Family Violence – Kristen Douglas
  • Child Support Guidelines: One Apporach to Child Poverty – Sandra F. Sellens
  • Report to Members on the Mid-term Meeting – Jennifer Harry
  • In the Name of the Fathers: The Story Behind Child Custody – Reviewed by Jane Gordon
  • So, There Are Laws About Sex! – Reviewed by Laura Ford
  • Legislative Update – Louise Shaughnessy

Volume 10, No. 3, Spring 1990

  • Women Have No Home in the Three Worlds – Margot Tubman
  • Evolution of Aboriginal Women in the Justice System – Teressa Nahanee
  • Disabled Women – Jill Weiss
  • Spousal Benefits and Same Sex Couples: Fighting Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation – Mary Bryson
  • UIC Update – Louise Shaughnessy
  • Dalkon Shield: The Fight Continues – Laura Ford
  • NAWL’s Involvement in the National Associations Active in Criminal Justice – Louise Shaughnessy
  • Kathryn E. Thomson’s Review of “Proving Discrimination in Canada”
  • Legislative Update – Louise Shaughnessy

Volume 10, No. 2, Winter 1989

  • Commitment Versus Cutbacks – Anita Braha
  • Winners of NAWL’s Trust 3rd Essay Competition
  • When the Law of Men Sets Its Sights on the Womb – Ginette Bastien, Margot Fréchette and Diane Matte
  • The Chantal Daigle Case – Joanne Loyer
  • A Dynamic Year for CARAL
  • Foetal Rights: An Excerpt from a Draft Summary of NAWL’s Response to the Law Reform Commission Working Paper – NAWL’s Working Group on Health and Reproductive Issues
  • What Do You Want From The Mid-Term Meeting?
  • NAWL’s Structure (Working Groups, Standing Committees and Services)
  • Lobbying Strategies: TACWL’s Experience – Nicola Cunningham
  • Profile on Louise Lamb – Holly Penner
  • Planning Advisory Committee Report
  • Kathryn E. Thomson’s Review of “The Supreme Court of Canada Decision on Abortion”
  • Just To Keep Your Blood Boiling – Susan Adams
  • The NAWL Charitable Trust for Research and Education
  • Two Newly Released Videos from the NFB – Gabrielle St-Hillaire

Volume 10, No. 1, Fall 1989

  • Get the Budget on Track! – Suzanne Chartrand
  • Announcement for the 1st Persons Day Gala
  • More on Gender Equality – Holly Penner
  • Women Graduate from the University of Saskatchewan College of Law – Josephine Savarese
  • How to Reconcile Professional and Familial Responsibilities: A Report Commissioned by the “Association du Jeune Barreau de Montréal” – Brigitte Morneault
  • NAWL’s Strength: Our Membership – Susan De Rosa
  • Membership Strategy 1989-1991: Numbers, Numbers, Numbers – Karen E. Hamilton
  • Legislative and Lobbying Update – Louise Shaughnessy
  • Great Build-Up: Weak Conclusion – Reva Landau’s Review of “Pornography and the Sex Crisis”
  • Highlights of the Working Groups – Louise Shaughnessy
  • Caucus Update (Prince Edward Island Caucus of Women and the Law; Nova Scotia Association of Women and the Law; Dalhousie Association of Women and the Law; University of New Brunswick Women and the Law; Caucus des femmes et le droit de l’Université de Moncton; Newfoundland Caucus of Women and the Law; Northwest B.C. NAWL Caucus; University of British Columbia Caucus of Women and the Law; Vancouver Association of Women and the Law (VAWL); University of Victoria Association of Women and the Law; Toronto Area Caucus of Women and the Law (TACWL); Univeristy of Toronto Women and the Law; Osgoode Hall Law School Women’s Caucus; Manitoba Association of Women and the Law (MAWL); Yellowknife Caucus of Women and the Law; Calgary Assiciation of Women and the Law (CAWL))
  • Supreme Court Update: Supreme Court of Canada Rules in First Chapter Equality Case – Gwen Brodsky
  • Fourth National Conference of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence – Sandra F. Sellens
  • Brooks v. Canada Safeway Ltd. (S.C.C. May 4, 1989) – Kathryn E. Thomson
  • Diana Janzen and Tract Govereau v. Platy Enterprises Ltd. et al. (S.C.C. May 4, 1989) – Laura Ford
  • Picture of NSC Members and National Office Staff
  • Mid-Term Meeting Report

Volume 9, No. 4, Summer 1989

  • Executive Director’s Report – Suzanne Chartrand
  • NAWL’s National Steering Committee
  • NAWL’s Office Staff in Ottawa
  • Winners of NAWL’s Trust 2nd Essay Competition
  • A Word from the Organizing Committee of the 8th Biennial Conference – Marie-Louise Côté, Valérie Dandurand and Joanne Loyer
  • NAWL’s 8th Biennial Conference: Carmen Quintana’s Keynote Address – Marie-Louise Côté
  • Access to Health Care: International Perspectives – Ann Martin
  • Maternal/Fetal Rights Panel – Louise Shaughnessy
  • Work at Home – Line Parent
  • Workshop on Abortion – Marie-Louise Côté
  • Pay Equity – Sandra Sellens
  • AIDS and Women – Brigitte Morneault
  • Native Women’s Perspectives – Louise Shaughnessy
  • Racial Discrimination – Kristen Douglas
  • Discrimination on the Basis of Sexual Orientation – Anita Braha
  • Affirmative Action – Brigitte Morneault
  • Is CEDAW Representative? – France Houle
  • Women’s Movement: International Perspectives – Susan Adams
  • Highlights of Resolutions – Louise Shaughnessy
  • Amendments to the Constitution, By-Laws and Regulations and Policy Resolutions Adopted at the Plenary Session
  • Update on Public Affairs – Louise Shaughnessy

Volume 9, No. 3, Spring 1989

  • Strategies for Change: Gender Unfairness in the Courts – Laura Ford
  • Supreme Court Update
  • Contempt in Court: Mistaken Identity
  • Focus on Policy – Susan Adams
  • Battle Over B.C. Abortion Clinic – Laura Ford
  • Suing Pornographers – Laura Ford
  • The National Council of Women – Leslie Pearl
  • Anita Braha’s Review of “Breaking the Trust: Sexual Harassment on Campus”
  • Irène Bujara’s Review of “Enough is Enough: Aboriginal Women Speak Out”
  • Irène Bujara’s Review of “Sexual Assault: The Dilemma of Disclosure, The Question of Conviction”

Volume 9, No. 2, Winter 1989

  • From the Editor’s Desk – Marie-Louise Côte
  • A Message from Suzanne Chartrand, Executive Director
  • Women’s Rights and International Perspectives – Joanne Loyer, Line Parent and France Houle
  • Schedule for NAWL’s 1989 Conference: Women and the Law – International Perspectives
  • The Conceptual Evolution of the Standards Relative to Women: The Hevener Approach – Line Parent
  • On Setting Feminist Policy – Anita Braha
  • Constitution: Why the NAWL Constitution Should be Amended – Susan Adams

Volume 9, No. 1, Fall 1988

  • Auditor’s Report of NAWL’s Balance Sheet
  • Conference Overview – Marie-Louise Côté
  • Program for NAWL’s 8th Biennial Conference: Women and Law – International Perspectives
  • The Centre de santé des femmes de Montréal: What makes this health centre different? – Marie-Louise Côté and Joanne Loyer
  • Gender Equality in the Courts – Mona G. Brown and Louise Lamb
  • Abortion Services in Quebec: Accessibility and Quality – Joanne Fortin
  • The Sexual Misconduct of Physicians and Disciplinary Law – Brigitte Morneault
  • Benefits for Part-time Workers – Lori Sterling
  • Linda Sidney’s Review of “Surviving Procedures After a Sexual Assault”

Volume 8, No. 4, Spring 1988

  • National Steering Committee Report – Gretchen Pohlkamp
  • NAWL’s Mid-term Meeting – Laura Ford
  • The Women’s Advisory Committee to the President of the Treasury Board – Lucille Dubé
  • Women in the Judiciary – Laura Ford
  • The Honourable Judge Claire L’Heureux Dubé – Marie-Louise Côté
  • Supreme Court of Canada Update – Kathryn Thomson
  • Provincial and Territorial Responses to Morgentaler – Wendy Atkin
  • Legislative and Lobbying Update
  • Review of “The Canadian Woman’s Legal Guide”
  • Women and Free Trade – Wendy Atkin
  • Feminism in the Study and Practice of Law – Wendy Atkin

Volume 8, No. 3, Winter 1988

  • Editorial
  • Family Mediation Canada: Unhappily, “Dialogue” Still Mostly Means “Diatribe”
  • Abortion and Fathers’ Rightists
  • Manitoba Court of Appeal
  • Women Alarmed by Male Activists – Ann Rauhala
  • The Canadian Council for Family Rights: A Wolf in Gender-Neutral Clothing
  • California in Ontario: Canadian Fathers’ Rightists Press for a Beach-head
  • The Saskatchewan Court of Appeal Endorses Custody Rights for Unwed Fathers Over the Mother’s Decision to Have the Child Adopted
  • Custody Litigation and the Child Sexual Abuse Backfire Syndrome
  • Some Feminist Resources on Custody, Mediation and Related Issues
  • Important New Preliminary Research Findings on the Effects of Joint Custody on Child and Parental Adjustment

Volume 8, No. 2, Fall 1987

  • From the Editor – Laura M. Ford
  • “Progress and Procrastination”: Maternity Benefits for Lawyers
  • Shorts (Battered and Sexually Assaulted Women; Lack of Subscribers, “La Vie en Rose” Dies; Women to Fly CF-18s and Ground Forces Helicopters; Three Hostels for Battered Women Close their Doors) – Johanne White
  • Battering and Custody Disputes – Gretchen Pohlkamp
  • The Meech Lake 1987 Constitutional Accord: A Threat to Women’s Equality? – Patricia File
  • Amendments to the Indian Act: Aboriginal Women Continue to Suffer Discrimination – Mary Ellen Turpel
  • NAWL Members in Dublin: The 3rd International Congress on Women – Louise Lamb
  • Reaching out to the Public: Family Law Workshop – Carol Roberts
  • NSC Report – Gretchen Pohlkamp
  • Maternity Benefits in Quebec – Martine Valois
  • Steps Forward/Just to Keep Your Blood Boiling
  • Peggy Malpass’ Overview of “The Child and Family Services Act: A Guide to Part III”)
  • LEAF Update: Government “Seizure” of Fetus in B.C. – Laura Parkinson
  • Legislative Update (Indian Act, Abortion (Private Member’s Bills), Child Care, Sexual Offences Against Children – Bill C-15, Employment Equity (Bill 154), Secretary of State Women’s Program Funding, Wife Battering, Equal Pay)
  • Supreme Court Update (Action Travail des Femmes v. Canadian National Railway Company; Bonnie Robichaud et al. v. H.M. the Queen) – Laura Ford
  • Symposium on the Status of Refugees: A Summary – France Houle
  • Depo-Provera Update – Dianne Young

Volume 8, No. 1, June 1987

  • Message from the Executive Director – Suzanne Chartrand
  • Winners of NAWL’s Trust 1st Essay Competition
  • Lobbying Highlights – Louise Lamb and Helena Orton
  • Overview of 1987 Conference – Evelyne Guindon-Zador
  • Capital Punishment is a Women’s Issue – Rebecca Shamai and Patricia File
  • Shorts (Les exigences embourbent les avocates; Affirmative Action Ruling Said Historic; Law Library Named After Woman; Education the Answer; Fin des subventions à “Herizons”) – Susan Adams, Fran Watters and Laura Ford
  • Women Get Blame in Incest Cases – Paula J. Caplan and Marylou Fassel
  • Elisabeth Moorsek: Harcèlement sexuel pas question! – Odette Montigay
  • Il faudra s’en rappeler… – Ève Montpetit
  • “Sisters-in-Law” – Life in Japan – Kathryn Ann Heraty
  • Objectivity and the Judiciary: Some Thoughts – Michele Reynolds
  • Sans toit ni loi – Hélène Lauzon
  • Sex Role Stereotyping in the Media: An End to “Ring Around the Collar, Ring Around her Neck”? – Laura Parkinson
  • Legislative Update (Child Care, Pornography – Bill C-54, Sexual Offences Against Children – Bill C-15, Ontario Pay Equity Legislation – Bill 154, New Refugees Bill, Unemployment Insurance)
  • Lauri Ann Fenlon’s Overview of “Equality Rights and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms”
  • Leona Christian’s Overview of “Sexual Assault”
  • Bill C-15: Sexual Offences Against Children – Nicole Tellier
  • Les agressions sexuelles: analyse rétrospective – Kate Andrew
  • Convicted “Childnapper” Heads New Fathers’ Rights Group – Louise Lamb
  • LEAF Update: Human Rights at an Alberta University – Gwen Brodsky

Volume 7, No. 3, February 1987

  • Shorts (Une sociétie dit non; Une nouvelle technique aux Japonais; Pay Equity in Ontario; Les femmes et la pauvreté; Racial Intolerance on the Increase) – Jennifer Conkie
  • NSC Report – Fran Watters
  • NAWL’s National Steering Committee and Office Staff in Ottawa
  • Depo Provera: Disturbing Questions – Dianne Young
  • Nicaragua: A Role for Women – Erin Shaw
  • Taxing Women – Maureen Maloney
  • L’avortement au Québec – Valérie Dandurand
  • Overview of NAWL’s 1987 Conference “Equality and the Law”
  • La Commission des Droits de la Personne du Québec et l’accès à l’information – Line Parent
  • Le Québec en bref – Johanne White
  • Update in the House – Gisela Ruebsaat
  • Book Reviews: The New Divorce Laws (Payne’s Divorce & Family Law Digest; The New Divorce Law: A Commentary on the Divorce Act, 1985) – Anne E. Shields
  • Pakistan: Fundamentalist Attack on Feminism – Louise Lamb
  • Discovering Trade Marks – Alix Elizabeth Parlour
  • “Sisters-in-law” – Catherine Hagen
  • Mandatory Mediation: An Alert – Louise Lamb
  • Supreme Court of Canada: Recent Decisions – Kathryn Thomson

Volume 7, No. 2, October 1986

  • From the Editor – Nadine McDonnell
  • La Revue juridique – Phyllis MacRae
  • Lobbying – Louise Lamb
  • Auditor’s Report for NAWL’s Financial Statements (October 1, 1985 – March 31, 1986)
  • Dalkon Shield – Catherine Hagen
  • Custody Reform – Louise Lamb
  • Legislation et Avortement – Danielle Bondin and Suzanne Guèvremont
  • Overview of NAWL’s 1987 Biennial Conference
  • Interested in the NSC? – Louise Lamb
  • Shorts (Le parage des biens; Discrimination à Manitoba; Human Rights in P.E.I.; Victims of Violence; A Montréal…; Pornography in B.C.) – Jennifer Conkie
  • American Update – Jennifer Conkie
  • Canada’s New Divorce Act – Lauri Ann Fenlon
  • The New Wave: Manitoba’s New Pay Equity Laws – Shona Moore
  • Conference Discusses Equality in the Courts – Monique Charlebois
  • Egalité et les droits de la personne – Frances Gordon
  • Copyright in Canada – Anne Shields
  • “Sisters-in-law”: Sandi Aitken – Judith Kenacan
  • C.P.P. Amendments – Helena Orton
  • Pornography and Sexual Offences – Nola Silzer
  • LEAF Update (Justine Blainey et l’Ontario Hockey Association; Support Payments Upheld; Military Wives Organization) – Gwen Brodsky

Volume 7, No. 1, June 1986

  • NSC Report
  • Lobbying – Louise Lamb
  • NAWL Audit 1985
  • Supreme Court of Canada: Recent Decisions (Derrickson v Derrickson; Gagnon v Her Majesty The Queen; Paul v Paul) – Ann Shields
  • Your Money & You – Ruth Sauder
  • From the Editor – Fran Watters
  • New Family Law in Ontario – Dianne Young
  • Shorts (Un nouveau rapport féministe; Prostitution Laws Upheld; Une Mére lesbienne obtient une part du domicile familial) – Fran Watters
  • Comments on Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value Legislation – Anita Braha
  • Cooke Task Force Reports – Fran Watters
  • Women in Law: A Woman’s Place In a Man’s World – Nadine McDonell
  • Update in the House (Employment Equity: Bill C-62; Pornography and Prostitution; Canadian Human Rights Act; Abortion: Bill C-254; Equality Rights) – Gisela Ruebsaat
  • Affaires à surveiller (Morgentaler et al c. La Reine; La Reine c. Chase)
  • Louise Lamb’s Review of “Mothers on Trial”
  • Women Lose Custody – Michele Landsberg
  • Legislation et Avortment – Danielle Bondin et Suzanne Guèvremont
  • Women Less Well Off – Margarite Mousseau
  • UVic Outlaws Sexism – Susan Adams
  • “Femme” est le mot d’ordre
  • Update…Dalkon Shield – Devora Solem
  • LEAF – Gwen Brodsky
  • In British Columbia… – Frances Gordon
  • Résponse du fédéral à la Charte – Fran Watters
  • Provinces Slow to Respond – Kathryn Thomson
  • Summer Reading

Volume 6, No. 3, February 1986

  • NSC Report
  • Shorts (It’s a Zoo!; Child Support; Principe de l’égalité de rénumération; Fields Succeeds; New Law for Children; Abortion in Ontario, Saskatchewan and British Columbia; Evidence & Sexual Assault; “Soirée des dames”:  pratique discriminatoire; Injunctions To Go; Surrogate Motherhood; Indemnités de décès; Technologie de la reproduction; Maternity Benefits; Mum’s the Word)
  • Recent Decisions from the Supreme Court of Canada – Lauri Fenlon
  • Lois sur les Indiens – Judith Kenacan
  • Women and War
  • The New Prostitution Law: It’s More than a Morality Play – Gisela Ruebsaat
  • Update in the House (Employment Equity, Equality Rights, Prostitution Laws, Divorce Bills, Family Allowance)
  • PMS – Devora Solem
  • Appointments (Justice Beverly McLachlin, Roberta Jamieson, Dennis McDermott)
  • Your Money & You – Ruth Sauder
  • Louise Lamb’s Review of “The Divorce Revolution”
  • NAWL Goes East – Louise Lamb
  • MATCH: Supporting Legal Reform – Sharon Scholzberg-Gray
  • LEAF: One Year Later – Frances Gordon

Volume 6, No. 2, October 1985

  • Report from the National Steering Committee
  • Evaluation Report – Gretchen Pohlkamp
  • Lobbying Report – Louise Lamb
  • Publication Update for Canadian Journal of Women and the Law
  • Shorts (Topics: Abortion, Employment, Criminal Law and Sexual Assault)
  • Caucus Reports (Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Montreal) – Suzanne Boivin
  • Charter News: Committee on Equality Rights … Exercise in Futility??? – Devora Solem and Gwen Brodsky
  • Appointments (Jane Godfrey and Gwen Brodsky)
  • Nairobi Conference
  • Sexual Harassment: A Compensable Occupational Injury – Sidney Fisher

Volume 6, No. 1, June 1985

  • Editorial
  • Report from the National Steering Committee
  • Letter from Cynthia Wishart, Equal Opportunities Officer
  • Appointments (Sylvia Gold, Linda Geller-Schwartz and Mary Southin)
  • Shorts (Now a Work Related Injury; Customs Act Overturned; Human Rights; American Study – Victims Fear Reprisal, Court System Half of Rapes Unreported, Study Says; Natural Mother Refused Custody; Injunction Against Hookers Rejected; Halifax; Infant “K)
  • New Developments (Hysterectomy Urgency Cited – Phil Needham)
  • Update in the House (Topics: Pornography, Employment, Divorce and Enforcement of Maintenance Orders, Indian Act: An Attempt to Restore Women’s Status, Charter of Rights)
  • The Feminist Touch: A Montreal Practitioner Says the Profession Still has a Long Way to in Providing Women Lawyers Equal Treatment – Jack Burden
  • American Women
  • Overview of NAWL’s 1985 Biennial Conference – Nancy Greenwood

Volume 5, No. 9, February 1985

  • From the Editors
  • Report from the National Steering Committee
  • Summary of the Recommendations Contained in the Equality in Employment Commission Report (Mandatory Measures: Employment Equity; Enforcement Models; Education and Training; Childcare )
  • Mandatory Affirmative Action to be Introduced at CN
  • Upcoming Events
  • New Releases
  • Shorts (Topics: Abortion, Rape, Prostitution, Courts, English Report, Government, Family Law)
  • Unsung Heroines (Sara Andrews Spencer, Fredricka (Marm) Mendelbaum, Belva Lockwood, Kit Welsh, Janet Guthrie, Bertha Diugi, Clair and Mary Weste, Valentina Tereshkova, Hefy Keisler Markey, Ellen Church, Emma Nutt, Ann Taylor, Mary Gartside, Maria Mitchell, Peggy Williams, Phylis Wheatly)
  • Law Backfires: Divorced Women Still Shortchanged
  • Overview of NAWL’s 1985 Conference (Program, Conference Rules and Procedures, Structures Resolutions, Bibliography)

Volume 5, No. 8, November 1984

  • Editorial
  • From the NSC
  • Conference Report
  • Research Grants
  • Women’s Rights Journal
  • Lobbying Report
  • Structures
  • The Cost of NAWL
  • NAWL Publications
  • Letters
  • Shorts
  • Charter of Rights (What is Equality – A Theoretical Discussion; What is Equality – The Court’s Approach; Charter Events Across Canada)
  • Update on Abortion (Quebec, Toronto, Winnipeg, NAWL’s Position)
  • No Comment Needed

Volume 5, No. 7, August 1984

  • Editorial
  • Report from the National Steering Committee
  • Lobbying Report
  • Conference Report, August 1985 – Camylle Tremblay Choquette
  • Women’s Rights Journal
  • Update in the House (The Divorce Act – Bill C-10; Criminal Code Amendments – Bill C-19; Canada Labour Code – Bill C-34; Canada Health Act – Bill C-3; Indian Act – Section 12(1)(b); Task Force on Child Care; Abella Commission)
  • News from the National Action Committee
  • Shorts (Topics: Wife Abuse, Family Assets, Canadian Labour Congress, Bar Room Rapists, Prostitution Limited)
  • Experts Discuss Pornography
  • Appointments (Justice Rosalie Abella, Madame Justice Kempo, Agnes Semmler)
  • Notes (Reading Material; Archives from Women; Conferences)
  • The Case for Female Barristers, Esq. – Elizabeth Vogt
  • Donor Insemination in Canada: Who is in Control? – Gisela Rubesaat
  • Legal Issues in Donor Insemination: The American Perspective – Donna J. Hitchens
  • Unresolved Legal Issues Surrounding Donor Insemination in the Provincial Context: Family and Children’s Law Commission of B.C.
  • New Developments! Quality Control to Aid Recipients: Ottawa Plans to Licence Sperm Banks
  • One Woman’s Story – Fran Watters
  • In-vitro Fertilization and Embryo Transfer
  • Research in Human Embryos Raises Fear and Hope – Janet Bataille
  • Frozen Eggs and Embryo Banks – Terry Harris
  • Frozen Embryos Not Husband’s, Lawyer Says
  • Surrogate Motherhood – Philip Marchand
  • Technology and Birth: Foetal Therapy and Maternal Autonomy
  • Eugenics, Selective Breeding and Maternal Autonomy
  • Legal Status of the Fetus – Fran Watters
  • Abortion: The American Perspective – Nan Honter
  • Father’s Rights in Abortion – Bertha Knoppers
  • What’s in a Word – Edward Keyserlingk
  • Resources on Reproductive Issues

Volume 5, No. 6, March 1984

  • From the Editors
  • Letters to the Editors
  • From the National Steering Committee (Caucus Reports; Report from the NSC; NAWL Publications; NAWL Trust)
  • Abortion
  • B.C. Cutbacks (Proposed B.C. Human Rights Act; Impact of Budget)
  • Property Rights
  • Pornography & Prostitution
  • Wife Abuse
  • Family Law
  • Appointments
  • Of Note
  • Shorts
  • Divorce

Volume 5, No. 2, June 1983

  • Editorial
  • Update on NAWL’s 5th Biennial Conference
  • Reports and Notices
  • Caucus Reports (Prince Edward Island, Calgary, Osgoode Hall)
  • Reproductive Choice in Manitoba
  • Update (Judicial Appointments; Wages Can Now Be Garnished; Vancouver City Council; Canada’s Obscenity Law)
  • Prostitution (NAWL Policy; Theoretical Background; Statutory and Case Law; Report of the Justice Committee; Proposals and Critiques)
  • Broadcasts (Women and Education Summer Institute; Call for Papers – CRIAW; Books; Notices; Memberships; Comments)

Volume 5, No. 1, January 1983
Theme: Abortion & Independent Clinics

  • Caucus Reports (P.E.I., Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Windsor, Victoria)
  • Member’s Contribution (Caucus Autonomy & Election of Lobbying Representative, Decriminalization of Prostitution, Points from Ottawa’s Position Paper on Affirmative Action and the Charter of Rights)
  • Economic Information (E.P.I.C., Maternity Leave/Sex Discrimination, Compensation Biased, Million Dollar Campaign, Women’s Report, NAC Trust, NAWL’s Revenue’s & Expenses, NAWL Trust)
  • Opening of the National Office
  • Resolutions for Conference
  • Family Law (News Items)
  • Pornography Battle in B.C.
  • 1983 Persons Awards
  • Abortion
  • Wanted: Women for Human Rights
  • NSC
  • Membership
  • Comments

Volume 4, No. 4, November 1982

  • Statement on Discrimination Against Native Women Under Indian Act
  • Statement to Senate Committee on Bill C-127
  • Tamra’s Letter of Resignation
  • Minutes of May NSC Meeting
  • Report on Second National Day Care Conference – Jillian Ridington
  • Research Grants
  • Info Bank Acquisitions & Order Form
  • Notice of Membership Fee Increase
  • Ottawa Lobbying Report
  • Auditor’s Report

Conference 1983 & Constitutional Review

  • Draft Resolutions from NAWL Committee on Constitutional Review
  • TACWL’s Proposed Amendments
  • Constitutional Reform – Or Whither NAWL? – Committee of Manitoba Caucus
  • Rationale for Osgoode’s Proposed Amendments
  • Osgoode’s Proposed Amendments

Other Organizations & Activities

  • Planned Book on Women’s Constitutional Lobby for Equal Rights
  • Victory for Women Students in Sexual Harassment Suit
  • Announcement of “Women Organizing” Summer School 1983
  • Report on Women & Impact of Microtechnology Conference
  • Announcement of Victims of Crime Course, 6-11 March 1983
  • CARAL “We Have Had Abortions” Campaign
  • Criticism of Federal Government’s Record on Women’s Issues

Volume 4, No. 3, June 1982

  • Notes from the Editor
  • National News (NAWL Statement on Soliciting; Steering Committee Repots)
  • Caucus Reports (Victoria, Windsor, Queens, PEI, Nova Scotia)
  • Conference 1983 Issues (Constitution, Victoria Conference Update, Paid Maternity Leave, Opinion Articles on Constitution Reform, Pensions)
  • Canadian Advisory Council on the Status of Women
  • How to Run an Effective Meeting
  • Equal Rights Amendment (ERA): June 30
  • Newspaper Clippings
  • Sex Stereotyping in the Media
  • Notices

Volume 4, No. 2, March 1982
Foreword from NSC

  • Minutes of September NSC Meeting
  • Minutes of January NSC Meeting
  • New NAWL Logo
  • Research Grants Available
  • Ottawa Lobbying Report: December 1981
  • Reform of NAWL Constitution and By-Laws
  • NAWL Financial Statement
  • Ottawa Lobbying Report: March 1982
  • Montreal Caucus Report
  • Manitoba Caucus Report
  • Nova Scotia Caucus Report

News from All Over

  • First Woman is Appointed to Canada’s Top Court
  • Maternity Leave
  • Information Centre: Women’s Bureau, Labour Canada
  • Kingston Prison for Women: Discrimination
  • Portia is One of the Boys
  • Announcements
  • National Clearinghouse on Family Violence

Volume 4, No. 1, August 1981

  • Notes from the Editor
  • Women and Sport: A Feminist Perspective
  • Lobbying Report
  • Mary Two-Axe Honoured
  • Financial Report
  • A Woman for the Supreme Court
  • Information Bank Report
  • Too Much, Too Little, Too Late … C.A.C.S.W. and the Constitution
  • Books
  • Bill C-53 Report
  • Toronto Star: Is the Legal System a Sick Joke on Rape Victims – Michelle Landsberg
  • Lobbying Shorts
  • Sexist Advertising Awards
  • Sending Letters … Please
  • Funding Conference Report
  • Sexual Harassment at Carleton
  • Caucus Reports
  • Caucus Research Grants
  • The Steering Committee: 1981-1983

Volume 3, No. 6, January 1981

  • Bulletin Board
  • Review of Legal Education
  • Conference Announcements
  • NAWL Presents Brief on Constitution
  • Summary of Recommendation, Ottawa Caucus Brief on Unemployment Insurance Legislation and Benefits
  • Globe & Mail Reports Discrimination Against Women Lawyers
  • Nova Scotia Caucus Report
  • Osgoode Hall Women’s Caucus Report
  • Report from the Manitoba Caucus
  • A Report on the Queen’s Women and the Law Association
  • Ottawa Caucus Report
  • Montreal Caucus Report

Volume 3, No. 5, October 1980

  •  Notice to All Members
  • Summary of the National Steering Committee Meeting
  • Brief on Divorce Law Reform
  • Report on the UN Copenhagen Conference
  • Quebec Improves Enforcement of Maintenance Orders
  • Pension Credits
  • Government Translators Request Support
  • Ontario Regional Conference
  • Montreal Caucus Report
  • Halifax Caucus Report
  • Summer Project Funding
  • Book Review: Ordeal

Volume 3, No. 4, June 1980

  • Bulletin Board
  • NAWL Saskatoon Conference
  • Report on the Ontario Regional Conference
  • Osgoode Hall Brief on Bill 3
  • Kingston “Whig-Standard” Report
  • Report on the N.A.C. Conference
  • Words That Make Women Disappear
  • Caucus Reports (Victoria, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Calgary, Montreal)
  • Financial Report

Volume 3, No. 3, January 1980

  • Editor’s Note
  • Bulletin Board
  • National Steering Committee Meeting
  • NSC Changes
  • Sexual Assault Bill Disappears (Again)
  • Government General’s Awards
  • Federal Issues: 1981 Conference
  • Women on the Bench: Federal Government Appointments
  • Alberta Women Were Persons First
  • Critique: “La femme et le crime”
  • Caucus Reports (Manitoba, Montreal, University of Western Ontario)

Volume 3, No. 2, September 1979

  • National Steering Committee Meeting
  • NAWL in Action
  • News from Ottawa
  • Proposed Amendments to Criminal Code re: Prostitution ‘Killed’ by Women’s Groups
  • Native Women: A Breakthrough?
  • Women and the Arts Under Attack in Quebec
  • Seals Appeal
  • Book Review
  • Update
  • Caucus Reports (Manitoba, University of Montreal, Osgoode, Ottawa, P.E.I., McGill)

Volume 3, No. 1, April 1979

  • Introduction
  • Steering Committee
  • Conference Report
  • Notes from the Calgary Conference
  • Press Clippings
  • Open Letter from the Calgary Caucus
  • Questionnaire
  • Resolutions

Volume 2, No. 3, October 1978

  • Editorial
  • Caucus Reports (McGill, Osgoode Hall, Dalhousie, P.E.I.)
  • Information (YWCA Resource Centre; Upstream: A Women’s Publication)
  • National Action Committee: Rape (How to Say No to a Rapist and Survive)
  • Extract from “Rape: The Myths, the Politics, and the Law”
  • Proposed Regulations on Maternity Leave – Gazette Officielle Du Quebec
  • Conference on Proposed Legislative Changes: Sex Offenders in the Criminal Code
  • Equal Pay and Quebec’s Charter of Human Rights and Freedom

Volume 2, No. 2, July 1978

  • Editorial
  • Caucus Reports (McGill, Manitoba)
  • Steering Committee List
  • Report of the Second National Steering Committee Meeting
  • Part-Time Paid Coordinator?
  • Fund Raising
  • Notices
  • The Constitution
  • Conference Report: August
  • Sexual Assault Offences

Volume 2, No. 1, March 1978

  • Editorial
  • Caucus Communications
  • Caucus Reports (Victoria, Ottawa, Osgoode Hall, Manitoba, Dalhousie, New Brunswick, Calgary)
  • Report on Matrimonial Property Law in Alberta
  • Report re: Rape Law Reform
  • Proposals for Change in Rape Laws
  • “Notes on the Law of Rape”
  • Reports on the N.S. Advisory Council on the Status of Women
  • Review: “Women in Canadian Life”
  • National Action Committee: Status of Women
  • Report on NAWL Questionnaire

Volume 1, No. 3, December 1977

  • Editorial
  • Letters to the Editor
  • National Steering Committee Report
  • NAWL Notes
  • A Tax Problem
  • Feature Articles (A Hindsight View on Changing Family Law; NAWL Questionnaire; What’s Wrong with Being a Lawyer?; On Running for Office; Role Playing)
  • Caucus Reports (Vancouver, Calgary, Saskatoon, Manitoba, Toronto Articling Student’s Caucus, Osgoode Hall, Queens)

Volume 1, No. 2, June 1977

  • Editorial
  • Reports on Family Law Reform (Manitoba, Ontario, British Columbia)
  • Family Law and the Future: Reading Some Handwriting on the Wall
  • Feature Article (NAWL Brief on Human Rights; A Letter from Quebec; Income Tax – Child Care Expense Deductions; Submission Re NAWL; A Letter from Calgary)
  • Caucus (Victoria, Manitoba, University of Toronto, Osgoode, Queens, Ottawa Community Caucus, McGill, Charlottetow, Dalhousie)

Volume 1, No. 1, February 1977

  • A Letter from the Editorial Staff
  • Conference Report
  • The Quebec Situation: Is this True?
  • Resolutions: National Association of Women and the Law 2nd Conference – Ottawa, 1977
  • NAWL’s Constitution
  • Saving Our History
  • Why Bother?
  • Making Our Mark on New Legislation
  • What Wasn’t Said
  • Caucus Reports (New Brunswick, McGill, Toronto Articling Students, Osgoode Hall, University of Western Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary)