The Women’s Economic Equality Project

2 February 2001
February 2, 2001

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In conjunction with the United States Centre on Economic and Social Rights and the Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions (Geneva), NAWL is a partner in the newly established Women’s Economic Equality Project. The goals of the Project are to improve understanding, recognition and implementation of women’s right to equality, to define equality as a right that encompasses economic, social and cultural rights as well as civil and political rights, and to introduce a gender perspective to economic and social rights.

Our first event is an international consultation in Cape Town, South Africa (December 7 – 10, 2000)which will bring together 30 women’s human rights advocates from every region of the world, with strong representation from Canada. The overarching aim of the consultation is to create a much needed space and process to encourage and support work specifically focused on women’s economic, social and cultural rights. The consultation will provide an opportunity for participants to discuss women’s economic inequality and to strategize about injecting women’s perspectives in the interpretation and application of economic and social rights.

Leilani Farha

about NAWL
The National Association of Women and the Law is a not-for-profit feminist organization that promotes the equality rights of women through legal education, research and law reform advocacy.
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