Rightfully Hers Exhibit

This year, in partnership with The National Association of Women and the Law (NAWL), The University of Ottawa Archives and Special Collections celebrates NAWL’s 50th anniversary by delving into the organization’s history through a 5-part digital exhibit, including their landmark achievements, legal interventions, organizational challenges, and their undeniable impact on Canadian society.

Click the following exhibit links to learn about the Founding of NAWL, and their work on various cases and issues including Women and Work, Violence Against Women, Reproductive Justice, and Marriage Equality.

Part 1:
March 1974

NAWL is Born
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Part 2:
The Action Stage

NAWL, Women, and Work

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Part 3:
Testing the Charter

NAWL Fights Violence Against Women

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Part 4:
Who's in Control?

NAWL and Reproductive Justice

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Part 5:
2024 and Beyond

Marriage Equality and the Future of NAWL

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