Rebuilding Feminist Law Reform Capacity

increasing women’s capacities to meaningfully engage in the law making process

In August 2017, NAWL received funding from Status of Women Canada (now Women and Gender Equality Canada) to implement a three-year project to increase women’s capacities to meaningfully engage in the law making process.

Since then, NAWL has been leading feminist advocacy with decision-makers on current federal law reform issues. We have also joined in solidarity with, and supported the work of, a range of feminist and equality-seeking organizations, networks and coalitions, working together on a wide range of women’s rights issues.

We have been updating and developing resources and tools to support current and emerging feminist law reformers. By convening workshops and consultations across the country to strengthen women’s capacities and commitment to engage in the law making process at the federal level, we are building a diverse and inclusive network of lawyers, students, service providers, academics, activists and allies.

our work
We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of:
Women and Gender Equality Canada - Femmes et Égalité des genres Canada
Shirley E. Greenberg Chair for Women and the Legal Profession
Shirley E. Greenberg