Improving Maternity and Parental Benefits for Women outside of Québec: Proposals for Law Reform

According to NAWL’s vision, every mother should receive income replacement and material support during the first years of caring for a child. Bearing and raising children should not impoverish women, as is now the case. No single initiative is sufficient to drastically improve the situation of all mothers in Canada. Nonetheless, several areas of the law cry out for reform by the Federal government.

Table of Contents


1. Improvements to maternity and parental benefits under the EI Act

1.1 Better maternity and parental benefits
1.2 Better access to benefits

2. Universal Support Program for Children

2.1 Recent proposals
2.2 Principles for a Universal Support Program

3. Improvements to Employment Standards governing maternity and parental leave

3.1 Employment standards governing maternity and parental leave
3.2 Reform the Canada Labour Code


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