Gun Control is a Women’s Issue

13 December 2023
December 13, 2023

As Bill C-21 progresses through the Senate, Suzanne Zaccour, Director of Legal Affairs for the National Association of Women and the Law (NAWL) and Aja Mason, Executive Director of the Yukon Status of Women Council, have written an op-ed emphasizing that gun recreation must never trump protecting Canadians from the devastating impacts of gun violence.

We deserve policy centred on safety, reason, and equality. After a year and a half of study and delay, we have waited long enough. Amid the cacophony of vested-interest statements, it’s time for the Senate to make a choice. The bill is complex, but in the end the question is simple: What matters more, the right to shoot for sport or the right of every woman to live free from the fear and devastating consequences of gun violence?

Read the op-ed here (subscribers only).

about NAWL
The National Association of Women and the Law is a not-for-profit feminist organization that promotes the equality rights of women through legal education, research and law reform advocacy.
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