2010 Annual Report

Message from The National Steering Committee

NAWL’s work in 2009/2010 again replied on the generous of a number of unions, individual donors and volunteers, and we want to take this opportunity to than them for their ongoing commitment to women’s equality in Canada.

This past year has seen NAWL move ahead on three exciting projects, in particular:

A new look: NAWL’s new logo can be seen on this Annual Report and on our redesigned website (www.nawl.ca). We realized it was time to move into the 21st century technologically, and our new website will support many more kinds of electronic communication. We think the new look will be more appealing to a broader array of women, especially young women who remain in the focus of our outreach.

Research grants: The NAWL Charitable Trust for Research and Education provided four grants of $5, 000 each to feminist researchers to support their work preparing educational papers on legal issues that affect women. Although small, these grants are NAWL’s attempt to ensure that feminist discourse on these important issues remains alive. The papers will be completed and published in Fall 2010. The 4 recipients and their topics are:

Paper Topics of Recipients 

  • Mary Eberts (Customary Law and Women’s Rights)
  • Constance MacIntosh (Intimate Violence, Fundamental Human Rights and Gendered Persecution: Do the Guidelines Make the Link)
  • Adrian Smith/Dayna Scott (Social Reproduction and Temporary Labour Migration to Canada)
  • Susan Strega (The Motherload of Blame: Failure to protect policies in Canadian child welfare and policy)

Campus Caucus revitalization: In Fall 2009, NAWL brought together 20 young women from universities and colleges across Canada to talk about their vision for NAWL. This was a dynamic and exciting 2-day event, which has led to ongoing work to revitalize and re-establish NAWL caucuses ta 8 – 10 law schools across Canada. 2010 will see the completion of a caucus development manual, to support feminist students who want to establish a caucus, a Gender and the Law Handbook for new law students, a speaking tour of university campuses by NAWL’s Director of Strategic Planning, Pamela Cross and a 3-day leadership summit for young women.

Thank yous

  • Anja Kesler (logo design) and Lori Smith and Paula Wansbrough (website design and construction), all of whom duty contributed far more time than we were able to pay them for, listened to and heard our input and created a wonderful new look and increased capacity for NAWL.
  • The members of NAWL’s National Steering Committee who have once again dedicated themselves well beyond the call of duty to ensure NAWL’s survival. We extend a special thank you to departing NSC members Margaret Denike, Susan Russel, Chi Nguyen, Julie Shugarman and Julie Lassonde.
  • NAWL’s contract staff, Pamela Cross and Pam Mayhew, who continue to nurture the organization and guide the NSC with a level of competence, patience and dedication that exceeds all expectations.

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