Women’s Worlds 2011

Participate in this international conference on July 3-7, 2011 in Ottawa and Gatineau. The theme is “Inclusions, Exclusions and Seclusions: Living in a Globalized World.”

  • Does globalization include, exclude, and/or seclude women?
  • As global hierarchies realign, how are gender roles and identities evolving?
  • How are social identifications like power, privilege, citizenship, and nation affected?

From the Women’s World website:

“Ours is an increasingly integrated world – one where boundaries are shifting under growing flows of capital, goods, power…and people. Who and where we are as individuals and communities becomes less clear within this contemporary, globalized context.

Around the world, women are grappling with changing political, cultural, economic, social, and environmental realities. And the effects of numerous crises – be they economic, ecological, or health-related – intensify obstacles to women’s equality.

Globalization has contributed to the destabilization and marginalization of women and communities. Yet certain consequences have yielded positive results for women. Globalization has meant enhanced communications and organizing – trans-national connectivity that must be deepened as women’s organizations and networks struggle to sustain themselves and maintain resilience in the face of forces that oppose women’s equality.

Women’s Worlds 2011 will be a place for the exploration of these complex matters through reflection, learning, and sharing a variety of ideas and experiences – especially those of women most deeply affected.”

Women’s World 2011 is shaping up to be a unique celebration of voices.

This is a deliberate Call for Participation, more than a call for papers. Why? Because Women’s World 2011 is as much about grassroots activism as it is about academic achievement. We know that important insights come from various communities – that’s why we are striving to make WW 2011 a space for all kinds of conversations and connections between diverse people.

Proposals for presentations can come from individuals, groups, coalitions, networks, teams – everything will be considered.

For more, visit: http://www.womensworlds.ca