Op-ed: MPs’ work on gun control misses target

26 April 2023
April 26, 2023

On March 23rd, 2023, Suzanne Zaccour, our Head of Feminist Law Reform, published an op-ed in The Hill Times with our partners from the #Women4GunControl Coalition Erin Whitmore (Ending Violence Association of Canada) and Paulette Senior (Canadian Women’s Foundation). The op-ed criticizes the disinformation that is being perpetuated with regard to the Liberal Government’s proposed ban on assault-style firearms. Unfortunately, even MPs are participating in this disinformation though misleading statements and questions during committee meetings. Canadians deserve better, so we called on all Members of Parliament to “act with the integrity that their position requires and put the safety of women, girls, and communities first”.

“Compared to the many women’s and survivor-led gun-control organizations that rely on volunteers or precarious funding to promote responsible firearms restrictions in Canada, ‘the progun lobby is large, vocal, and well-financed’ as one Toronto Star columnist put it. Its ability to dominate and influence public and political debate is difficult to match. But Members of Parliament have an obligation to act in the interests of all Canadians.”

“Notwithstanding the proven link between guns and violence against women, Canadian women’s groups have not been treated as serious stakeholders in the gun control debate. This must change.”

Read the full op-ed (if subscribed to the Hill Times)

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