NAWL welcomes Tiffany Butler as Executive Director

NAWL is delighted to announce the appointment of its new Executive Director, Tiffany Butler, who joined the organization in March. NAWL is excited about the new energy Tiffany brings to the organization, as well as her community-based law reform experience working to advance the substantive equality rights of women.

I am honoured to be joining NAWL, an organization that has proven itself to be a resilient voice for all women over the past four decades. Climate change is one of the immense global challenges of our time. NAWL’s recent success co-intervening before the Supreme Court of Canada on climate action and women’s rights — effectively fighting for climate justice through a gender lens and highlighting the disproportionately negative impacts climate change has on women in Canada and globally — is but one example of why NAWL’s feminist law reform efforts are more important than ever. I look forward to putting in the hard work to ensure our intersectional approach to feminist law reform continues to make an impact where it matters, including on the Hill, in the courts, and on the ground.

Tiffany Butler, NAWL’s new Executive Director

Having spent the last 3 years working in collaboration with other like-minded organizations to , we have regained strength, benefited tremendously from reconnections with old allies, and are actively forming relationships with new ones.  NAWL’s unique network and expertise on feminist law reform advocacy is as important now as it has ever been.

NAWL would also like to thank outgoing Executive Director Suki Beavers for leading NAWL through a period of rebuilding, following the Harper-era defunding of women’s organizations, and Sandeep Prasad for assuming the role of interim Project Director since October 2020. Mr. Prasad, the former Executive Director of Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights, continues to work closely with Ms. Butler in NAWL’s law reform and capacity building efforts.

Martha Jackman
Chair, National Steering Committee