Mr. Harper, On Mothers Day, Women Want More than Just Flowers: We Want Equality Now!

OTTAWA – The National Association of Women and the Law released a Mother’s Day Statement that has been endorsed by over 100 local, provincial and national organizations across the country. While more fathers have been getting involved, women still do the lion’s share of the work of caring for children and the home. Most mothers do a double day’s work and pay a steep economic price for raising young children. Motherhood often leads to impoverishment for women, to overwork, exhaustion and guilt.

The Mothers Day Statement calls on the Harper government to take concrete measures toward the social and economic equality of mothers.

“We are asking that the funding agreements for childcare services be maintained, that the $1,200 that was announced in the 2006 budget for child care be given to women as a tax credit; that maternity and parental benefits be improved so that women across Canada receive at least as much as they would under Québec’s more generous system; that provinces not be allowed to claw-back the National Child Benefit when parents are on social assistance; that a federal pay equity law be introduced and that the working conditions of part-time and precarious workers be improved” says Andrée Côté, Director of Law Reform for the National Association of Women and the Law.

The Canadian Labour Congress, the Québec Federation of Women, the National Organization of Immigrant and Visible Minority Women of Canada, the Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women, the Canadian Council of Muslim Women, YWCA Canada, the Provincial Advisory Council on the Status of Women of Newfoundland and Labrador, the Ontario Association of Interval and Transition Houses are a few of the many organizations that have endorsed this Statement.

“On the day of the 2006 budget vote and at the beginning of a new session of Parliament, we hope that all MP’s and Senators will actively defend and promote policies that address the specific needs of mothers and that promote their equality rights” says Andrée Côté.