“Federal law banning conversion therapy is the first step toward dismantling heteronormative views” Opinion by FLR/RDF law student Sumaya Sherif

Opinion published by the Ottawa Citizen on January 7, 2022. Read full article here.

It has been long overdue. Conversion therapy practice is now a criminal offence. It only took Parliament three tries to pass the Bill — I guess third time’s the charm.

But let us not get lost in this big victory. More work still needs to be done to protect lesbian, queer, and trans women from harm.

On Dec. 8, 2021, Bill C-4, legislation seeking to ban conversion therapy, received royal assent. As of Jan. 7, 2022, it is illegal to subject a person to conversion therapy whether or not they consented to it. A person can face up to five years in prison for causing another person to undergo conversion therapy and up to two years for promoting, advertising, or profiting from the practice.

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Sumaya Sherif is a third-year French Common Law student at the University of Ottawa.