Climate Crisis – NAWL Brief on Bill C-50, An Act respecting accountability, transparency and engagement to support the creation of sustainable jobs

22 May 2024
May 22, 2024

The Senate is currently considering Bill C-50, a bill that aims to facilitate the shift towards a carbon-neutral economy and to support workers in this transition. NAWL calls on decision-makers to apply a strong intersectional feminist analysis as they consider this bill.  

No true climate justice can be achieved without taking into consideration the unique challenges faced by women and the solutions that they have to offer to the climate crisis. This is why NAWL, the David Suzuki Foundation and Oxfam Canada are asking for the following:  

  • Strong monitoring, transparency and accountability: Considering the perspectives of marginalized groups is essential. Gender-disaggregated data collection should also be implemented in order to provide insight into how women are impacted compared to men, and public reporting should be done in an accessible manner. 
  • Inclusive and meaningful representation in decision making: The bill creates a Sustainable Jobs Partnership Council. To ensure that women’s interests are properly represented, the Council should include experts on women’s rights and contributions in the labour market as well as experts on the impact of climate change on women. 
  • Adequate consideration of the particular needs and contributions of women workers: It is crucial that women’s work, including their work in the care economy, be adequately understood and addressed to reduce gender inequalities in paid and unpaid work in Canada.  

Read the full list of recommendations made by NAWL, the David Suzuki foundation and Oxfam Canada to improve Bill C-50:  

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