Assisted Human Reproduction Act Update

28 May 2007
May 28, 2007

The NAWL Reproductive Technologies Working Group will be meeting in Montreal in early June 2007 to formulate NAWL’s position on the Assisted Human Reproduction Act, which is due for review, likely after the next election. The Act reflects Canada’s position on an array of controversial bioethics issues relating to assisted reproduction such as embryo research, commercial surrogacy, sex and ability selection and trade in human reproductive material. As women’s bodies are heavily implicated in these technologies, NAWL is keen to generate a position on what should be retained in the Act and what should be changed. In its upcoming day and a half meeting, experts representing a diverse range of women’s views will try to articulate a feminist voice on these highly controversial issues.

The Montreal meeting will enable the Working Group to consult and collaborate with women who are working across the country on these issues so that NAWL will be ready to deliver submissions to the federal government once the Act is slated for review. With the support of the now defunct Court Challenges Programme, NAWL has been working with support from the Canadian Women’s Health Network. The Working Group is eager to bring an intersectional analysis to the consultation to engage with the complexity of the debate and ensure that NAWL’s recommendations reflect the diversity among women.

Maneesha Deckha is also a member of the NAWL Steering Committee.

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