women’s social & economic rights

women’s social & economic rights


Supporting Families, Supporting Gender Equality: Improving Canada’s Tax and Transfer System, by Lisa Philipps and Kim Brooks. May 1999, 18 p. ISBN:1-895996-43-0

NAWL’s brief submitted to the House of Commons Finance Sub-Committee on Tax-Fairness for Canadian Families. NAWL finds unfortunate the debate over the tax fairness to families with a male breadwinner and female full-time caregiver. These issues do not provide a good basis for discussing much needed reforms to the tax and transfer system as it affects families.

Pre-Budget Consultations: 1999 Federal Budget Tackling the Social Deficit Securing Gender Equality, by Lisa Philipps. August 1998, 29 p. ISBN:1-895996-38-4

NAWL’s brief to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance (presented to the Committee in August 1998) urges the Government to concentrate on reducing the country’s alarming social deficit which has very specific negative effects on women, and as such exacerbates the “equality deficit” for women. NAWL recommends changes to fiscal policy in five major areas: social programs, anti-poverty measures, caregiving work, retirement security and women’s advocacy. NAWL points out shortcomings in the fiscal policy process and suggests steps to enhance women’s participation in making fiscal policy, thereby improving policy outputs which achieve equality.

Women and the Canada Health and Social Transfer: Ensuring Gender Equality in Federal Welfare Reform, by Martha Jackman, April 1996; 59p. ISBN:0-895996-44-9

This brief assesses the implications of the repeal of the Canada Assistance Plan, the attendant loss of national standards, and the resulting need for protection of the social welfare net. It suggests how the CHST might be amended to better reflect and promote women’s equality rights.

Ontario Omnibus Bill 26: The Proposed Savings and Restructuring Act, 1995. January 1996; 54p. ISBN:0-895996-14-7

Written by the Toronto Area Caucus of Women and the Law this paper analyzes the implications for women in the area of health, employment, freedom of information and municipal issues of Bill 26, which proposes to amend 47 pieces of legislation.

Economic Security For Farm Women: A Discussion Paper. March 1995; 61p. ISBN:0-895996-05-8

This brief analyzes barriers to equality for farm women and identifies action strategies to promote farm women’s legal rights and economic security. It examines matrimonial property law, land ownership, inheritance succession, social and other services, farm debt, income tax, farm financing, health and farm safety.

The Federal Social Security Reform: Taking Gender Into Account. December 1994; 63p. ISBN:0-895996-03-1

NAWL’s response to the Standing Committee on Human Resource Development’s Discussion Paper “Improving Social Security in Canada”. It addresses the need for social security with a woman-centred analysis in the discussion surrounding social reform.