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Being a member of NAWL is an invaluable way of standing in solidarity with our mandate and intersectional feminist law reform advocacy to promote the equality rights of all women in Canada.
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Membership fees help support the core functions of NAWL and enable us to sustain our independence. Select the membership category that describes you and best fits your current budget. Given NAWL is a not-for-profit organization, we are unable to issue tax receipts for membership fees.

#NewGenFem | $20

Are you part of the new generation of feminists, a student, low-income or under the age of 25 and just entering the feminist movement? If so, a #NextGenFem membership is for you!
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#ThisGenFem | $50

Are you someone who is part of this generation of feminists, and are developing or have established your career, have some experience and want to continue advocating on feminist issues? You are just the #ThisGenFem member we are looking for!
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#EarlyGenFem | $250

Have you been fighting for women’s equality for years? Do you remember when mobilizing required a typewriter and a bullhorn, not a Tweet? If this is you, an early generation feminist who is a senior professional or someone comfortably enjoying retirement, join us as a #FirstGenFem member and help sustain our intergenerational feminist work!
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