Our Principles

> NAWL recognizes that women’s experience of inequality is systemic and reflects overlapping and intersecting forms of discrimination based on race, class, sexual orientation, disability, age, language and other characteristics.

> NAWL works to end racism and colonialism, remove barriers faced by women with disabilities and oppose all other forms of oppression and discrimination.

> NAWL works to ensure women’s economic and social security by advocating for social justice and the meaningful participation of women in Canadian society and in the decisions that affect their lives, families and communities.

> NAWL is committed to eliminating all forms of violence against women and children, and to ensuring reproductive choice for women.

> NAWL is a collaborative women-centred organization that strives to be regionally representative, bilingual, and genuinely representative of marginalized women.

> NAWL engages in well-reasoned, informative, innovative research, lobbying and popular education on issues relevant to women’s lives and experiences. In developing its policies and positions, NAWL applies an integrated feminist analysis that reflects its commitment to ending all forms of discrimination against women.

> NAWL is committed to working collectively and in coalition with other groups to dismantle barriers to all women’s equality.