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  • Letter to Harper on Women’s Funding

    Posted 2006-11-30 by Andrée Côté in Open Letters

    NAWL had requested an meeting with Prime Minister Harper but he declined the invitation. This letter reviews the issues raised previously and asks again for a meeting.

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  • NAWL calls on Mr. Harper to respect International Law on Social and Economic Rights

    Posted 2006-06-28 by Andrée Côté in Open Letters

    In 1976 Canada ratified the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. Yet, despite having ratified this Covenant 30 years ago, little progress has been achieved for the most vulnerable groups in Canadian society.

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  • Childcare is Key to Women’s Equality

    Posted 2006-03-08 by Andrée Côté in Open Letters

    Childcare is key to women’s equality. NAWL and FAFIA call on Prime Minister Harper to maintain and renew childcare funding agreements with the provinces.

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  • 500 Aboriginal Women Missing or Murdered

    Posted 2005-03-08 by Andrée Côté in Open Letters

    Some 500 Aboriginal women have been disappeared/murdered over the past three decades in Canada. In support of the Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC), NAWL and others urge Minister Anne McLellan to fund research and education related to violence against Aboriginal women.

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  • Faith-based Arbitration in Family Law

    Posted 2005-02-24 by Andrée Côté in Open Letters

    NAWL opposes faith-based arbitration in family law. When Marion Boyd’s Report came out in favour of faith-based arbitration, NAWL wrote to Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty and other politicians to voice our concern.

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  • NAPE v Newfoundland: Pay Discrimination

    Posted 2004-12-10 by NAWL and 99 other groups in Open Letters

    In NAPE v Newfoundland, the Supreme Court ruled that it was acceptable to pay discriminatory wages to women in order to avoid an impending “fiscal crisis.” NAWL and 99 other groups disagree! We asked the federal government to show its commitment to women in every part of Canada by helping the [...]

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  • Custody and Access and the Reform of the Divorce Act

    Posted 2004-10-08 by Andrée Côté in Open Letters

    Minister of Justice Irwin Cotler has recognized on more than one occasion that “women’s rights are human rights”. Yet he was ready to consider re-introducing Bill C-22 to amend the Divorce Act without any analysis whatsoever of the impact of proposed changes on women’s equality, security and other [...]

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  • Gender Sensitive Budget Policies

    Posted 2004-08-11 by Andrée Côté in Open Letters

    NAWL has called on the federal government to ensure that all women have access to decent housing, quality health care, adequate income security, improved maternity and parental benefits and universal, publicly funded childcare. These measures require federal funding. NAWL wrote to the Minister of Finance to stress the importance of developing gender sensitive budget policies.

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  • Women’s Reproductive Rights and the American Convention on Human Rights

    Posted 2004-02-03 by Andrée Côté in Open Letters

    The American Convention on Human Rights is an important human rights instrument, yet it contains a right to life provision. NAWL will not endorse ratification of the American Convention until we have the assurance that women’s reproductive rights, including the right to abortion, will be effectively guaranteed. NAWL wrote [...]

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  • Women’s Human Rights on Indian Reserves

    Posted 2003-10-17 by Patti Doyle Bedwell in Open Letters

    On Indian Reserves, women’s human rights can be violated without any legal remedy. NAWL’s working group on Aboriginal Women’s Rights urges the federal government to take immediate action to ensure that women’s matrimonial property rights are fully recognized and respected on Reserves.

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