A woman's guide to money, relationships and the law in Ontario

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Your financial rights and responsibilities

Do you want information to help you make good financial decisions in your personal relationships? This guide is for you! 

Relationships can mean different things to different people. You can have important relationships with people you live with, who you are related to, who you raise kids with, the person you love, or the person or people you share your life with. You can be in a relationship with someone you consider to be your friend, to be your boyfriend, girlfriend, common-law spouse, partner, or husband or wife. Often people who are in significant relationships share money and expenses, and depend on each other financially. 

Many laws affect your financial rights and responsibilities within your relationships. In Ontario most of the laws apply to two-person relationships and some laws apply differently to married couples than to partners who are not married. Either way, these law can affect you financially when you enter a new relationship and when you end one. 

Even when you are happily entering a new relationship, it is important to plan ahead, to be aware of what you are entitled to if the relationship ends, and to know the laws and how they relate to your situation.

This guide outlines the financial rights and responsibilities of people in relationships in Ontario and highlights the differences for married women and women who are in spousal relationships but are not married. For more legal information about topics that are not covered by this guide, see "Where to get help when you need it".

The information on this website is general legal information only. It is not a substitute for getting legal advice about individual situations.

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This project was made possible with the generous financial support of The Law Foundation of Ontario.


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